BPMS , CRM and Media features

The recorded communication by an inbound or outbound call will be connected to the customer’s history in CRM and its associated details are attached and are accessible any time via CRM.

pop-up in CRM

Any time a customer makes a call, all its stored information associated to its caller ID or inserted info via IVR (like customer code) pops up. That includes customer history information or the waiting time in the checkout queue.

Entity (Form Generator)

User interface can be customized to meet an organization’s requirements and processes. Forms and information structures can be modified by defining titles, categories, fields, username designation to work across other fields and in conjunction with other scripts and finally adjusting accessibility restrictions to manage fields which are required to be shown and be editable by any specific user.

Workflow Engine

Workflow is a tool which is meant to guide users through a business process in the system. It designates a sequence or progression of necessary steps which are displayed and editable visually and provides graphical notation for specifying task deadlines, priorities, task responsible, previous data regarding that process by script writing and also customizing forms.

SLA and work shifts

Define the level of service or support that your organization agrees to offer to a customer by using service level agreements (SLAs). You can include detailed items to define metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to attain the service level. By inserting work shifts, hourly work calendrer and vacations data, you can set KPIs to evaluate tasks timings and get timely warnings on your team’s issues while providing support.

Unified Messaging

Parslogic Contact Center offers Omni-channel customer support, including Phone Call, Email, Fax, Voice message, Website support, Telegram, Text Message and Chat once a customer request is delivered through any of those channels, a unique tracing number and title will be designated to it by the system, and the request will be directed to be evaluated and responded. Meanwhile, customers can trace their request via any preferred channel.

Chat tool

A chat tool is designed to help support representatives to have continuity and ease in real time communication to work accordingly with private messages and simplify tasks like sharing knowledge documents, solving queries real-time and providing quick answers to common questions. These conversation exchanges will be restored and can be extracted any time. Website Visitors can also initiate a personalized live chat and you can support your customers and prospects while they are still on your site.

Report Generator

CRM takes many different forms and offers a variety of different features to generate effective reporting. Reporting tool in the managerial panel displays information that can be analyzed, transformed by its structure and finally be exported in Excel file formats.

Survey Forms

You can define different types of survey forms to get informed of your customer’s evaluation of your services and products. You can extract various analytical reports based on collected data of those surveys.

Knowledge Base

Operators can manage the subject by using the knowledge base to find different key information quickly, for an effective and functional response to their customer. They can also send the provided information by the subject tree to their customer via Email, Text message or Telegram.

Responsive Interface

with the revolution of handheld gadgets including mobile phones and tablets and the development of mobile internet, pars logic CRM system is designed responsive for any device format and any screen size that comes into demand. Users can access their real time information on any device they use from anywhere.

Mixed content Reporting

CRM enables reporting mixed content which is delivered and documented through call center and all other different channels. These reports can be displayed graphically and exported in Excel file formats.

Mass Calling Service

mass calling service sends automated phone calls to a list of contacts. You can also schedule mass text messaging, Fax and Email. All these records will be stored in your customer’s profile in CRM system.

Click to call

Users can contact customers via Telephone, Fax, Email, Telegram or Text message, simply by searching them and clicking on their contact information.

Integrated, Web based

Parslogic CRM is compatible with all operating systems. It’s an integrated web based system accessible via Chrome or Firefox.

User Friendly

CRM provides user friendly interface which enables simple standard elements for each entity so that users can grasp control over using the system quickly.


Telegram is a medium which can be used by Parslogic Contact Center.

Web Call

Your customers can contact you on your website via internet, with no charge, from all around the world.

outsourced contact centers

Stored data and customers can be segmented according to a number of criteria, so that different CRM clusters can be created and organized with separate accesses under the umbrella of the main CRM system. This feature enables outsourced contact centers to use parslogic CRM while offering services to various organizations and customers.

Smart Notifications

You can set smart notifications for different occasions occurred in the system. For instance, you can set notifications to alert contact center managerial when there are more than 15 people waiting in the queue.

Fax Tracing Number

The system generates a unique tracing number for Fax correspondence and informs it to the sender so that they can follow up any further actions taken via that generated number through the system.

Mobile Application

Parslogic contact center Mobile Application is provided for Android Operating system and brings about features like task lists, customer’s info, customer’s location on map, customer service provider’s location and etc.

Customer's History

All taken actions regarding any customer will be stored and can be traced in that customer’s documentation.

PMI - Parslogic Management Interface

Parslogic management interface is an advanced feature which enables other systems’ developers to interact with Parslogic contact Center by calling up standard parslogic web services via other softwares.