Pars logic Call Center Features
VOIP Support

Delivery and response to voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet by IP-Phone and Soft-Phone with the alternative of Telecommuting and remote work.

Recording Calls

All phone call communications are being recorded and they are available based on user’s access level.

Interactive voice Response (IVR)

options including data-sets connections, web service connectivity, setting up conditions, VIP customers recognition and so on.

Call Center Dashboard

Call Center Dashboard enables real time observation of call center status which consists of percentage of calls blocked or responded, number of callers waiting in call queue, average speed of answer, average call and wait time, Agents occupancy rate, average abandonment rate and active and inactive operators.

Real time call monitoring

For knowing exactly what is going on in contact center between customers and agents during the call, real time call monitoring enables supervisors to oversee and track agent calls as they are carried out in three possible scenarios; imperceptible (neither the agent nor the customer notice the call tracking), giving guidelines (the agent notices monetarization and may receive appropriate guidelines) and Conference (conversation between the customer, the agent and the supervisor).

Call Center

Call Center manages inbound calls and organizes callers. Callers usually hear a welcome message and an IVR menu and are then sent into a call queue, where they hear waiting music and position announcements until an agent becomes available. Call center uses an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (available agents or targeted agents due to their expertise) in the center. It announces generated operator number and enables service evaluation scoring at the end of the call.

Human Resource Evaluation

Appropriate work shifts and delegating tasks among team members and estimation of number of staff in each work shift can be managed by analyzing documented information, statistical reports and service level estimation derived from call center database.

Possibility of calling the web service using IVR

Using this new feature, it is possible to transfer caller input (e.g. account No., username…) through the web service, deliver complementary information and return it to caller.
The main advantage of this new feature is that VoIP system development and its integration with other systems can be simply conducted and does not need any further programming but merely using a piece of software developed by pars logic as a web service.
Systems such as telephone banking, transfer tracing, membership status, can be implemented using this feature.

Call Center Reports

More than 80 different reports on all indicators and KPIs of call center can be exported, that includes operators, calls, calls range, average call duration and average wait time in queue, customer satisfaction scores, IVR, operators queue input and output records and many other indicators reports can be driven in tables, graphs and exportable in Excel format.